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Anna MK Photography

This Luxembourgish landscape photographer, who is also a full-time lawyer and business manager, was born in Germany, where she spent most of her childhood and youth. She has been living in her adopted home—the Luxembourgish Ardennes—for many years.


She spent much of her childhood in France, then lived in the United States and later in Italy for a number of years, where she completed one of her university degrees. She speaks seven languages fluently, which is a huge advantage when traveling around the world—her great passion—because this allows her to communicate easily with the local people.


She has traveled to North and South America, to Africa, Asia and the Arctic, with the Arctic and Namibia being particularly close to her heart. She likes to socialize with the local people on her travels, so that she can get to know and understand them, as well as their culture and country, which helps her to take the most authentic photographs possible.


She loves spending as much time as she can outdoors in nature, where she observes and photographs animals in their natural habitat.


In her years as a photographer, she has specialized in night photography and spares no effort when it comes to capturing particularly impressive subjects, which often requires lengthy preparation.


“My goal is to remind people of the beauty of their country and the regions in which they live, which they often lose sight of through the stresses of everyday life. Nature has special and unique moments to offer all over the world. Capturing and showing them with my camera is my biggest challenge.”

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